Monarch 2019.jpg

Michael Neeley


The Monarch and Lady Abbey welcome you to Sahara Grotto.  They’re looking forward to 2019 and all the events they have planned. They have already celebrated their first event of the year with The Monarch’s Ball where Mike was installed as the 100th Monarch of Sahara Grotto. They would like to thank all of those involved with planning, decorating and food and also those that helped with the public installation of officers. To see what else is coming up in 2019, check out the Calendar page under the Events tab.

2019 Monarch Pin.jpg

As a keepsake, Mike had a pin struck this year as a memory of him being the 100th Monarch and also to celebrate his theme which is “Keeping the Fun on Track!”. This year will also move us into next year as our 100th Anniversary Year which should bring a 100th pin and other events and items commemorating where we have been and where we are going as Sahara Grotto.

With Sympathy and Good Fellowship,

Michael S. Neeley


Sahara Grotto